I had the country in my head for a longer time. I was thinking about a new destination, at a completely non touristic time without any proper plan, just going there.

That´s what I like about going somewhere new. I always want to get to know the place without having any picture in my head before. Making up my mind as I go, that’s the thing I like. Markus Pekoll, an Austrian Downhill Pro and a good friend of mine was motivated to go there from the beginning. Also Christian Czadilek, a really talented filmer and friend of mine was up for the roadtrip. So we went straight from Graz to Montenegro. After long hours of driving we finally reached the sea, went swimming and enjoyed the warm conditions on the coast. We had no clue about trails so we had to find some. On the coast we had no chance so we went to the area of Durmitor. Finally, a region with high mountains, beautiful landscapes and harsh weather conditions. Sleeping at a fishermen’s house the first night in the mountain region it was kind of hard for us to dry the whole equipment without heating. After some research we found an accommodation with heating.

We spent 6 days in Montenegro and went endless km by car. Also, we met new people on the road and experienced summer, autumn and winter within one week. Being on the road is always something special.

You go somewhere  you have never been, you see places you didn’t expect and you meet people you would never meet if you stayed at home.

Thanks to all the partners for their support and a big thanks to Markus and Christian for having such a good time during the whole week.